Bike2Work Scheme

Here at DUKE Bikes we offer the Bike2Work scheme.  Here is how it works:

Obtaining Your Voucher

  • Choose your item from our website.
  • You must contact us either via our contact us page or at to notify us of the item you wish to purchase via the Bike2Work scheme.  
  • We will double check that the item is in stock and available for dispatch. We will then provide you with a completed quotation form.
  • Take the completed quotation form to your employer who will arrange to have your voucher issued to you.

Using Your Voucher to Buy a Bike:

  • Email your voucher to us at which should be signed and dated.
  • We will respond to you immediately with a code.  
  • You can then proceed with ordering the bike through our website in the same way you would if you were purchasing it on the website however you use the code we provided when going through the checkout stage.

Please note that if you are purchasing an item via the Bike2Work scheme then no other promotions or discount codes can be applied to the purchase.